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The Haven Police Department serves around 1,200 people who call Haven home, along with local businesses, schools and the many people who frequent them.

The Department provides traffic enforcement, criminal investigation, security patrol, record keeping, reporting, assistance to the public and emergency response as well as enforcing the laws of the City of Haven and the State of Kansas.  To accomplish this wide range of tasks, the Haven Police Department employs three full time Officers who strive to perform in a manner that maintains the highest ethical and professional standard of police practices.

  • Chief Rob Pell was originally from Miami Florida and moved to Kansas in May of 1997. He has over seven years of law enforcement experience before coming to the Haven Police Department. Chief Pell gained most of his experience with the Hutchison Police department where he was also a member of the Reno County Special Response Team. Chief Pell has been serving as the Police Chief of Haven Since April of 2011.

  • Officer Cole Rush, hired in 2011, has 5 1/2 years experience in law enforcement and comes to us from Nuckoils County Sheriffs department in Nebraska where he worked as the detective in the investigations department.  Officer Rush is a graduate of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.
  • Officer Jonathan Lawrence has over 4 years of experience at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility. He moved to Haven Kansas in 2007 and also was the first officer to participate in the Haven Police Reserve Program before he was added as a full time officer.

The City of Haven and the Haven Police Department have benefited from the service of a select group of dedicated Police Officers over the years and seeks to build on that heritage.


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