Haven Municipal Court
Convictions July - September 2010


Name Offense Fines & Costs

Roy A. Bouray Disorderly Conduct $110.00

Roy A. Bouray Dog at Large 110.00

Nicholas R. Keast Fail to Stop 85.00

Cathy Wanker No Proof of Insurance 210.00

April M. Comeno Disorderly Conduct 160.00

Sophia M. Montaldo Battery 160.00

Stephen P. Montaldo Criminal Damage to Property 110.00
Restitution $940.54
Clara M. Romero Obstruction of Legal Process 110.00

Michael L. Backes Drive While Revoked 160.00

Dalton J. Arbuckle Drive Without a License 110.00

Timmy G. Ramsey Operate Unregistered Vehicle 110.00

Daniel R. Bernard Fail to Stop 60.00

Daniel R. Bernard No Class M Endorsement 0.00

Olivia M. Graves No Driver's License in Possession 35.00
Debra Harris Disorderly Conduct 210.00
30 days Suspended
Joshua Ensley Criminal Trespass 110.00

Joshua Ensley Criminal Damage to Property 50.00
Restitution $150.00
Ronald R. Wiggins Jr. Drive While Suspended 260.00
48 hrs, 5 days House Arrest
Larry B. Ohl Disorderly Conduct 210.00
30 days Suspended 



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